Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry.

I could only take about a hour of this documentary that was shown on PBS the other night before extreme boredom set in. I should say right off the bat, that I've never cared for his work, I find it uninteresting and dull, and it doesn't help that he's another emperor who has many maybe 100's of helpers doing his art for him, he is far away from connecting on a physical level with his work. I'm just tired of this sort of factory like large scale over stated productions that are on the level of a big budget Hollywood blockbusters. Of course I can connect with his protests against the Chinese dictatorship, but I trust this guy as far as I could throw him, and judging by his girth it wouldn't be very far. He doesn't go to bed hungry thats for sure. Living in the lap of luxury in his elegant and big compound and directing his career carefully with everything he does photographed and documented for the many slick fashion and art magazines that he appears in. At one point his mother looking at one such rag says that he looks like he is a member of the mafia. I find this kind of self serving celebrity machine scary and dangerous, and just how far is this guy from his own dictatorship. He is shown with his small son born out of wedlock, parading around the world with his Acolytes in tow, giving interviews and making sure his career is front and center. Anyone who wants him can have him, I prefer my activists to be a little less noisy and and a little less camera ready. The day I look to him as a moral compass will indeed be a cold day in hell.


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