Thursday, July 05, 2012


Went to see the "Lunch Hour" exhibit now on at the Main branch of the New York Public Library, you know its the building with those big lions out front. Its on until Feb. so there is no hurry to see it. I enjoyed it, but would have liked more photos and such. They cover every thing from lunch at home, the quick lunch, power lunches, charitable meals and of course the Automat which gets a nifty recreation of those beloved compartments that held our many favorite dishes, this time when you lift the doors there are recipe postcards for the taking of some of their most favorite dishes ie the baked beans, macaroni and cheese. There are also many menus from a wide range of restaurants and man those low low prices, but was surprised to see that even in the 60's the four seasons prices were very expensive. This is the kind of exhibit in which strangers strike up conversations with each other reminiscing about this and that. Also its always a pleasure just to take in this magnificent building, one of the truly great spaces in the city, and while you're there check out wonderful Bryant Park which over the recent years has turned into one of the outdoor gems of my city. This is a beautiful park full of places to sit and eat, lots of greenery, attractive people, jugglers and even a small carousel. I do hate though what they have done to 42nd st from 7th ave down to 5th, its now total wall to wall bland skyscrapers, gone forever are the funky small buildings that gave the area a little down and dirty flavor. Sometimes this city of mine that I love with a passion (a close friend when talking about Manhattan and me sometimes refers to it as "my beloved") gets me upset with all the tearing down of the unique, the odd and the special and replacing it with the bland.


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