Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Big C

I just finished up the 2nd season of The Big C which stars Laura Linney as a cancer patient. I love this series its vivid honest and without clichés with wonderfully conceived quirky characters and situations. Ok sure some of it is a bit far fetched and  it might be a little too touchy feely for some, but not for me. I should say that I consider Linney to be one of our finest actresses working today, she’s a joy, a delight, a national treasure, and the series pretty much rests on her shoulders, she’s practically in every scene. The supporting cast is also terrific and includes  Oliver Platt as her devoted husband, John Benjamin Hickey as her overbearing eccentric nutcase of a brother, (not my favorite character), the wonderful Phyllis Somerville as her neighbor and Gabourey Sidibehyllis of precious fame as her sassy student and Gabriel Basso as her teenage son. There are also heartthrob doctors, slutty soccer moms, the dead visiting the dying and lots of adults acting inappropriately. Also look for Hugh Dacy playing gay, Cynthia Nixon playing loose, Alan Alda playing a self centered doctor and  Parker Posey as a troubled 30+ who becomes friends with Laura’s son.  


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