Saturday, June 16, 2012

Carnage 2011.

Normally I wouldn't even waste my time writing about something as horrible as this drek, but its so outrageously bad that I feel I should warn anyone thinking of seeing this piece of pretentious shit to stay clear of it. Based on a play that was quite the rage on Broadway a few years back, which happily I did not see and if this is the best that Polanksi can come up with, then he should stop making movies once and for all. With a cast of four usually good actors who are all perfectly awful. Its also boring but thankfully it only goes on for about one hour and twenty minutes. The plot is about 2 couples who I wouldn't want to spend 10 minutes with who get together to try to work out a conflict with regards to their two spoiled sons one of whom knocked out a couple of teeth of the other kid. We never see them, and instead are treated to spending time with these 4 dull people who show us their true selves and just how awful and shallow they (we) are. That the playwright Yasmina Reza is actually taken seriously is a joke to me. So we get to see Kate Winslet getting sick and throwing up all over Jodi Foster's expensive art books, get it, throwing up on art and civilization, subtle this ain't, and this crap is full of these obvious metaphors. Whatever happened to good writing? The film also looks ugly (so do the 4 members of the cast) and is claustrophobic and stagy. This is the kind of movie that light weight thinkers would consider deep and that they have really seen something when it fact what they have seen is shallow and trite. One of the 10 worse films of 2011, hell it might be the worse film of 2011.


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