Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Art Of Another Kind

Just back from seeing this perfect show for a hot summer. Filled to the brim with beautiful paintings by a wide range of international artists some of whom I never heard of ("lesser known" as the Guggenheim refers to them), and beautifully installed (large paintings always look great in this place.) All the works were dusted off and taken out of their permanent collection storage bins, and works that I liked a lot were by Dubuffet, Rauschenberg, (an early all red abstract collaged heavily painted painting), Marca-Relli, Burri, Fontana, Klein, Pollock, Hoffman and many others. The pieces of sculpture scattered about here and there don't do so well, but thats to be expected, but the early Louise Bourgeois and a few Noguchi's stood out for me. The large photography exhibit by Rineke Dijkstra did absolutely nothing for me, dead, dull and slick, personally I'm a little tired of this kind of "in" photography, very large color photos trying to act as paintings, and if watching a video of some young man dancing about is your cup of tea, then knock yourself out. The painting show is on until Sept. 12.



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