Friday, October 06, 2017

Blade Runner 2049

I should say right off the bat that I am a huge fan of the original Blade Runner, I consider it one of the great films of the 80's and easily the best film of 1982, and I've seen it many many times. That said I found this sequel very disappointing and dull, well actually I hated it, all 175 minutes of it. The screen was huge, the sound blasted me out of my seat, the air conditioning was on way too high, and the dumb fucks who were crinkling their candy bags and finally I screamed at them to shut up and got me some applause. The film is dense and complex with plot threads some of which are outright silly and laughable, and I don't see how anyone who has not seen the original will get a lot or most of what is going on. The digital effects are advanced from 1982, but I wasn't that impressed with the special effects or the miniatures that looked somewhat shabby. The cast was ok mostly going through the expected steps and hitting their marks, but I hated the score and at nearly 3 hours I couldn't wait until it was over plus I had to take a wicked pee. See it if you must, after all I ran to the first showing at the Bam like a crazy person. I was really looking forward to it but no prizes from me. I think it will do well certainly on the opening weekend, but I think its going to die after the lousy word of mouth gets out. "Mother!" finally found her child. Unclean unclean.


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