Sunday, December 14, 2014

Martin Puryear. Mathew Marks Gallery

I've always liked his work, its so different from what I do, that I can stand back and admire his skill and imagination. I like to get up close and really examine them, how he puts them together, how he shapes wood into smooth soft like pieces, and of course I would like to reach out and touch them, rub my hands over his surfaces, maybe if I knew him he would invite me to his studio so I could do this. His use of different materials and how he molds and shapes them into wonderful large pieces is usually great and for me breathtaking. His new show on now  consists of 10 new pieces that he says were influenced by the Phrygian cap that was worn during the French Revolution but also made appearances in other wars of resistance. This information is not needed to enjoy these organic and abstract sculptures, in fact I had no idea about this influence until i was on the R train on my way home and was browsing through the many press releases that I picked up on my Saturday gallery viewing. If I didn't already do my list of the best exhibitions of 2014 this and the Picasso and the photograph shows would certainly be on it.


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