Saturday, December 13, 2014

Takashi Murakami

So what does it matter if I think that the Takashi Murakami show is a big pile of expensive dung, and that Gagosian should be bound and gagged and forced to spend a weekend in this glitzy disgusting show until his eyes pop out of his head and land at his feet. So this is what we’ve come to. This stuff should be torn down and sold for junk with the profits going to feed the entire nation of Haiti. So does it matter that I think that the 56 ton replica of a sacred gate that fills this gigantic space looks like something left over from the Shanghai Lil number where Ruby and Jimmy danced it up, and Busby yelled cut, or maybe it’s the set that Sammy Fuller shot China Gate on with Angie Dickinson’s legs filling the Cinemascope screen. This show is a disaster a depressing statement on the state of the art world. Maybe Marina Abramović could pull up a chair and give us a stare or two or maybe blindfold us so we never have to see this shit ever again. .


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