Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Alina Szapocznikow: Sculpture Undone, 1955–1972 at the Musuem Of Modern Art.

I saw this show today during the member's preview. I've never heard of this artist who was Polish and died young, and after seeing this dreadful show I can only wish that I could still say that I've never heard of her. This is another big failure of a show (the Moma has been on on a roll lately) that focuses on another dead European artist who they consider should have world wide recognition. Let me try to tell you what I saw. Well to begin with I first thought this must be a joke, the work is so corny and grotesque, that surely this was not the Museum Of Modern Art in 2012. Szapocznikow who began as a classically trained sculptor (there are a couple of these dull figures included) then switched to experimenting with polyurethane, creating figures and body parts out of this material into surreal, pop and expressionistic pieces and incorporating some of them into lamps and ashtrays which of course bring up all sorts of connections for me to the holocaust and the Nazi's sick medical experiments. Nothing wrong with that except the resulting pieces are hokey. They're like bad horror movie or fun house props. The Moma of course tries to push her as an innovator in body and feminist art which doesn't wash too well with me. There are also many of her dull and uninteresting drawings hanging around here and there. One of the worst exhibitions of the year.


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