Friday, September 28, 2012

The Eclipse 2009

This is a good little ghost story with a nice literary sub plot thrown in for good measure. Set in a small beautiful coastal town in Ireland during a literary festival where Ciaran Hinds lives and works as a woodworking teacher. He also loves literature and has a secret passion to become a writer himself, and does volunteer work for the festival every year which usually includes driving the visiting authors around the town. His wife has just died from Cancer a few months earlier and he is alone now with his two pre-teen children. Into the mix comes two authors the well know and insufferable  Nicholas Holden played with believable nastiness by Aidan Quinn and Iben Hjejle An attractive  Danish actress who is new to me who plays an author of supernatural books. There is a messy tangled old story involving the married Quinn with Hjejle who appears to have had a one night stand a few years back. Quinn wants to get back into her life, but she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him, and who can blame her.  Ciaran who passes the time being spooked by spooks and driving Ms Hjejle around the picturesque Irish landscape start to bond with her as they open up with each other, and this drives the jealous Quinn up the wall, and finally one night there is a rather nasty confrontation between the three of them. That’s the romantic side of the film, and it paces itself nicely jogging along side by side with the ghost story which by the way gave me a few jolts and isn’t this what a good ghost story should do. I had never heard of the film, until it came up as a recommendation on Netflix and I’m glad I took their word for it. Directed and co written by the well known Irish playwright Conor McPherson the performances are all very good. Hinds has long been a favorite actor of mine, scraggly and built like a piece of granite rock and looking like a cross between a Saul Steinberg and H..C. Westermann  drawing he won the best actor award at the Tribeca Film Fesival for his performance. The movie itself is short but not so sweet running about 90 minutes.


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