Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chelsea Galleries or How Tired Were My Feet.

Chelsea on a beautiful Fall day. I started the Fall art season by going to many galleries in Chelsea, covering a 3 block stretch. It can get very tiring looking bad art. There was the usual amount of installation art including big gallery spaces thrown into total darkness and featuring dull films and videos with moaning and groaning sounds, a couple of shows featuring accumulation installations (man am I sick of these) where the artists think that I would be intrigued by them putting lots of crap artfully arranged on tables and in little rooms, a show of chairs by one of the most overrated international artists, a dreadful group show that uses books and libraries as a theme, and a couple of painting-sculpture group shows that are hit and miss in terms of quality. However I did really like the massive and very impressive exhibition of sculptures by Leonardo Drew at Sikkema Jenkins & Co. These are huge and I mean huge installations using mostly wood that fill the entire gallery and are not only beautiful but impressively dangerous looking. I also thought the show of early Jackson Pollock and Tony Smith small sculptures at Mathew Marks were nice and organic but if they weren't by them just how interesting would they really be. The large Tony Smith minimal sculpture at another one of Marks' galleries was actually refreshing after all of the junk yard flea market like installations that I saw, and as I turned on to 22st I walked smack into a fashion show letting out and the street was full of models and photographers posing and snapping, and I joined in and took lots of photos also. Who are these people I thought. What fun.


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