Friday, November 30, 2018

Children Draw

Children Draw a new book on children's art by Marilyn JS Goodman has just been published and I have a full page drawing that I did when I was well a child in it. I "copied" it from the cover one one of my favorite books I had when a kid. A little back story. I've known Marilyn since High School see the posed photo of us taken for the high school yearbook. I'm on the far right and Marilyn is next to me. We were both in art classes and for two years we had scholarships to go to Pratt Institute on saturdays for art classes. We lost touch but Marilyn popped up in my life in the early 80's when I ran into her at the college art assoc during my going on interviews for teaching gigs. In 1984 when she was the director of the Philadelphia Art Alliance she organized a retro. of my art. The photo of us was taken at the opening where I didn't want to pose, and Marilyn is saying to me "Just stand there and look pretty." We are facebook friends and I am delighted to be in her book, which is really a nice looking job with 115 full color repros of kids drawings and well written from what I've read so far.


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