Friday, November 30, 2018

Roma 2018

ira joel haber. Just a short note on this movie which is for me the movie of the year. It must be seen in a theatre on a big screen because it is incredibly beautiful to look at, also the sound design is great. I went not jumping up and down to the IFC which is not my favorite place to see movies, but I was ok with it because it was in the biggest theatre, compact but not uncomfortable. It was sold out so if you are planning to see it there (where else can you see it) allow yourself an hour, to get tickets and wait on the ticket holders line. I hate those awful reclining seats, they hurt my back, so I always sit in the last row because there's no where for them to recline. Two seats on either side of me were left empty so that was good, and I noticed John Tuturro was in the audience. Only had to scream at one person in front of me who was taking pictures with his phone during the opening, can you imagine, and I was thanked by several people for doing so. I might write more about it.


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