Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Cakemaker 2017

Trying hard not to give too much away. A young handsome German Baker who lives and operates a charming Cafe in Berlin starts an affair with an equally attractive Jewish businessman who comes to Berlin often and loves the baker’s cookies. The businessman lives in Jerusalem with his plain wife and son and one day he returns to Jerusalem but is never heard of again. It gets dicey for me at this point because as I said I’m trying hard not to give much away. I will tell you that sweet Thomas the baker goes to Jerusalem where most of the film takes place and integrates himself in his lover’s family. He even starts working in the wife’s cafe, and bakes up a storm making it the place to have coffee and cake in the city. Everyone with the exception of his lover’s orthodox brother takes to Thomas and its not hard to see why, Thomas is as appealing and sweet as those fabulous cakes and cookies he creates. This film mixes in the batter (sorry couldn’t resist) politics, religion, love, affection and the complicated laws of kosher cooking with just the right amount of sugar that sometimes I might add is a little hard to swallow. Small quibbles on my part as I was completely taken with this first film by Ofir Raul Graizer and the charming performance of  Tim Kalkhof as Thomas the baker. If I’ve made it sound like this is a simple one level movie, it isn’t, the layers like a great cake is full of surprises and keeps on giving with every bite.


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