Saturday, February 25, 2017

Altoon Sultan

A passing note on the lovely exhibition by Altoon Sultan now on view.
Comprised of small works in various medias, the show is geared in nature (the artist lives in a rural community) and natural materials that also bring to mind the outdoors. There are small detailed paintings of closeups of machines used in agriculture that are rendered in delectable yellows. reds, greens and blues that bring to mind the precise paintings and drawings of Charles Sheeler. There is a return engagement of another grouping of her textile pieces also small but range free and easy along the walls. These are hand dyed, tactile and geometric that cry out to be touched and rubbed up against. Again her color is rich deep and beautiful. The final group of pieces are new for her and I can only wait with excitement as to where she is going to go with these Bas-Relief pieces made of porcelain and hand painted in delicious deep solid colors of red, blues and a golden yellow. When I say delicious I mean that because they are so smooth and inviting like softly melting ice cream, I tell you I nearly came close to licking them. All her materials bring to mind a farm there is egg tempera, calfskin parchment and hand dyed wools. As usual with this artist her work is impressive, moving and wonderful. The show is on through March 26th.


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