Friday, November 11, 2016

Nina 2016

Another stupid dumb dull fake movie about a great singer. There are so many of these things being made lately, there's the dreadful ones about Miles Davis, Chet Baker and now we can add Nina to the list. There are others which I've blocked. Here we have a petite looking pretty model looking Zoe Saldana, 50 shades too light playing Nina Simone without any of her style and unique performance style, and forget about her voice. Saldana has a nice little singing voice but so what, she does not capture Simone's rough, raw, beautiful voice which really bothered me. The film has small little points about her troubled life here and there, but makes no attempt to give it some depth or shading, its all one note, drugs, booze and nasty are the stuff that this Nina is made of. Listen she was one of my favorite singers and if she was one of yours do yourself a favor and skip this crap and just listen to her albums or watch her on Youtube and the recent doc. about her which is still not available on netflix.


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