Friday, October 28, 2016

"The Night Of" 2016


This 8 hour mini-series ran on HBO this summer, and since I don't have premium cable I had to wait until now to catch up with it, thanks to Netflix. For most of its running time this was a very compelling gripping crime justice slap in the face drama that was based on a British series and shows it roots and influences via the many crime dramas that fill the network's prime time.
I don't watch any of them, but after the first hour or so I knew where we were going. That said this has to be way above those shows because of the fine tough writing by Richard Price and the hard as nails direction by Steven Zaillian (he directed 7 of the 8 episodes) and the brilliant performances especially John Turturro as the disheveled down on his luck ambulance chasing bargain basement defense attorney (he has ads on the subway) and Riz Ahmed as the sad eyed Pakistani-American student who is accused of a terrible crime that Turturro takes on as his client.
The show is loaded with nice touches and details including Turturro’s terrible case of eczema on his feet and his touch and go with the victim’s cat. There are also terrific bouts of great supporting performances especially Jeannine Berlin as the prosecuting D.A. and Glenne Headley as a high powered big time lawyer who finagles her way into stealing Turturro’s client. Fans of The Wire will recognize several of the actors from that show playing roles similar to the ones they did on that series, and also good is the music the dark and moody cinematography that was actually filmed in New York City and not in Toronto or Cleveland that give the show a real New York state of mind feel and the realistic art direction that for once presents New York City apartments as they really are. Tangy and worth seeing.


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