Sunday, May 22, 2016

Drawing Class

I finished off my drawing class at the UFT and I have mixed feelings about it. Most of the students were fine, several weren't and a few I couldn't stand to put it mildly and they really pushed me to being rude. I don't know if I'll be back although I'm scheduled to do a class in January if I get any students. The problem with this place and what they offer in terms of art classes is basically very conservative and dull. Lots of little landscapes or still lifes that quite frankly aren't very good, but they pull in the retired school teachers who pay their 10.00 and make nice mediocre pictures. Then I walk in and I was the bull in the china shop and many of the little old retirees took a hike and a dislike. Many did stay and I think judging by the work I got and the reactions to the projects I gave got something out of it. They had a meet and greet the other day where I put up a small exhibit of the work along with the other classes, there was also performances of their short play, comedy and singing classes which was pure torture to sit through, but sit through I did. It was embarrassing by and large with one woman doing a comedy skit about her Yiddish grandmother using racist and homophobic remarks. Anyway here are some pictures I took of the work which I thought looked great.


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