Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mary Bauermeister-Pavel Zoubok Gallery…/mary-bauermeister/artworks/

This is a rare chance to see an ravishing exhibition of the early work of the marvelous artist Mary Bauermeister who hasn't had a show in New York since 1972. I can recall seeing her work probably at the Moma when I was a teen and loving it. Still do and in this show we get to see her constructions both boxed and loose on the wall that are a private universe of round stones and glass balls (optical lenses) that intrude off the wall into our laps and her signature glass oval lenses that mix it up with delicate ink drawings and words. They confound the eye with their magical arrangements and mysteries. This is a demonstration of high ended talent, a class in imagination and skill and is easily one of the best exhibitions I've seen this year.


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