Sunday, May 22, 2016

Cop Car 2015

This is one of those under the carpet little B’s that creep by us, and occasionally (and if we’re lucky) get to put it on our Netflix queues or find it sitting on the dvd shelf at our local library. This one has two young boys who when the film opens are walking in the distance of some beautiful landscape teaching each other dirty words. It seems that for some reason they’re hit the road Jack and are cheerfully roaming when they come across what appears to be an abandoned cop car. Bad old boy rotten cop played with greasy abandonment by Kevin Bacon who is of course up to no good has left it there. Well the boys being boys decide to play with the car and manage to get it going (the car keys are of course sitting on the seat) and take it for a wild spin that results in violent and carefree action. Its a quick 90 minute joy ride made with assured direction by a new guy in town Jon Watts who knows his noir and knows how to make a good little action flick on a dime. The young boys are fine played without attitude and self-consciousness by James Freedson-Jackson and Hays Wellford. Also good are Camryn Manheim who makes a wrong turn and Shea Whigham’s whose entire life is a wrong turn.


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