Friday, March 18, 2016


Finally finished up the British series Luther starring the great Idris Elba as a brilliant police detective who always gets his man but not always his woman. The woman is a raging psychopath who is played to perfection by the equally great Ruth Wilson who is mainly known for her theatre work and is new to me. I breathlessly say that I am forever in love with this magnificent off center actress and for me when she disappears from the series I let out a huge sigh of disappointment, that's how superb she is. The series has it usual police cliches, the tough female DSI played by the wonderful and rarely seen Saskia Reeves, the token lesbian (this is becoming a definite pre-requiste on police shows), the corrupt cop,the young male rookie infatuated with Luther and on and on. The series seems to be swallowed up by grim and kinky serial killers, which makes it look like London is the raging serial killer capital of the world. There is a grimness about the series and its not for the faint of heart, but for suspense lovers it did get my blood flowing. Influenced by various sources including "Silence Of The Lambs" but better. See it for Elba and Wilson and for the flakiness of the stories.


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