Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Room 2015

This film pretty much wiped the floor with me last night. The plot is probably well known, so I'll just say it concerns the horrible situation of a young mother and her 5 year old son being held captive in a very small room for 7 years. The reasons for this captivity are there, but not labored on and are handled delicately and discretely yet the situation (and the villain of the piece) are threatening and unnerving. The mother played by the recent Oscar winner Brie Larson brings a radiance and an authentic feel to her performance that is matched by the remarkable 9 year old actor Jacob Tremblay as her son. This kid is so warm and sweet and kind that you just ache for him. The film is neatly divided into two and some have complained that the 2nd part of the film falls apart and wallows in sappy and soapy sentimentality which I don't think is true or if it is I could care less. Sometimes I need sappy and soapy. The film is so strong and moving and Larson's performance is so open and real that any criticism that I might have (or indeed anyone else might have) just doesn't matter. Larson is a lovely actress, not yet a movie star and I hope that she never becomes one but I wouldn't count on it. This is a film that stays with you. One of the ten best films of 2015.


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