Sunday, March 06, 2016

Carol Heft Works on Paper Blue Mountain Gallery

I took in this beautiful show of drawings on paper by Carol Heft today and I was very impressed with her way of making drawings that are layered and touched. They have a nice rough raw quality to them, unlike much of the art that is shown around town here and there. These are small intimate non blu ray work, you know Blu Ray don't you? Well there is also a lot of art being done that I call Blu Ray. Works with no grain, touch,heart or soul, just scrubbed clean. This is stuff devoid of human touch all ready to hang in your Blu Ray house or on the walls of the Moma. Heft's work is the opposite. Its grainy and rainy with her finger prints all over the drawings. They also happen to be intricate and mostly gorgeous. She likes to mark her paper up, sometimes cutting abstract shapes into the paper and then layering more on top of the more. Some of them look like pages from a pop up book, some of them look crazy, most of them are busy and full but never self indulgent. These are generous works. Heft likes materials and she uses them all over the papers, a little pencil, ink, paint, crayon, if its on her art table they will find their way into her drawings. See this show.


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