Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Alberto Burri: The Trauma Of Painting. The Guggenheim Museum

Well I made it up to the GuMu today to see the Burri show, and I thought it quite good. Its full of textures and vivid abstraction that some might find too elegant and too planned but I took it all in and was delighted with his work which I didn't know all that well, so there were lots of surprises for me and the work looks great in this sometime difficult space. Being surprised by an artist is always a good thing. His use of materials was also exciting, I love materials and textures also so there were al ots of things for me to ponder and at times these "paintings" verge into sculptures that hang on the wall. Listen this guy was ahead of his time, giving up medicine to take up art, spending time in Texas in a prisoner of war camp (spending time in Texas is bad enough for any reason let alone in a prisoner of war camp). The paintings are perfect also for the period late 40's early 50's and would look great in a room with Danish modern furniture, and thats not meant as an insult. So I think you would enjoy this show, and if not so who cares.


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