Monday, October 20, 2014

Judy Rifka

I took a trip down to the Gowanus Open Studios on Sunday to check out the new work of Judy Rifka. I usually don't like going to open studios, too crowded and most of the art that is shown is well to put it mildly average. However Rifka's new work which is packed into her small studio is strong and visually complex and I would love to see the pieces in a nice clean gallery space. Until that happens I found much to like, the swirling and dripping paint deep and rich blacks reminded me of black and white cookies, so maybe what I'm saying is that these large collaged and painted pieces on canvas are yummy. She also uses touches of color but very sparingly, a drop of red or sharp blue here and there, but its all black and white to me. I also liked what she did with the entrance to her space, making it like a doorway to a cave or a secret room, and I was delighted to take home with me a double dip small circular black and white painting on canvas.


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