Wednesday, October 15, 2014

At the gym

I just had a horrible experience in the locker room at my gym today. I took a shower and went to my locker afterwards with a towel wrapped around me. There is a bench near the lockers, and this young latino built up guy was sitting there on his cell phone near my locker, but not in my way, so I opened the locker and suddenly this piece of shit was screaming at me at the top of his lungs that I got water on him. I wasn't aware that this happened, but I tried to say I'm sorry if I did, but he was carrying on yelling at me, calling me names, cursing my mom, telling me if I wasn't so old he would punch me in my fucking face. I finally gave it back to him, "you're threating to hit me, go ahead try," I was prepared to break his nose, (thank you 4 years of Seido Karate) of course the bully left but continued cursing and threating me. I thought he may have worked there, but he didn't. It went on with both of us screaming at each other, I told him this would be his last day at this gym, that I would report him, "go ahead, I don't need this fucking gym", he was challenging me to come down a file a complaint, I couldn't because I was still in my towel mode. I was pretty shaken up as you could imagine, a nice young African American man came over to me and expressed his shock at this guys behavior, that he needed help etc, and attacking me for my age was terrible, and that the way he was going he probably wouldn't live to a ripe age. It was really horrible, never have I ever had this kind of experience ever at any gym. so I got dressed and met with the manager and owner of the gym, they will get him out, first they have to find him. the African American guy backed up my version.


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