Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lori Ellison at McKenzie Gallery.

If you want to see a really fine exhibition I suggest you make your way down to the McKenzie gallery on Orchard St. to see the show of notebook drawings and small paintings on wood by Lori Ellison. These are amazing drawings, intricate, quirky and very very obsessive that are compelling and beautiful. I suppose that is the bottom line about these marvelous creations they are beautiful. Ellison limits her ink palette to two colors red & blue along with black on the lined notebook pages that are delicately and gracefully hung around the gallery and are filled with these intricate repetitive patterns such as diamonds, triangles and organic shapes that look like plants or flowers. Sometimes she allows the lines of the notebook paper to stay around and sometimes not. The paintings are also small and offer more colors for their backgrounds, greens, purples and oranges and are also full of intricate pattern work. The works are rich and full, pulsating with shapes and abstractions yet at the same time they are very calm and peaceful, offering a respite from the teeming overloaded vibrant neighborhood that surrounds them and the gallery.


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