Thursday, November 14, 2013

Yayoi Kusama. I Who Have Arrived In Heaven. David Zwirner Gallery.

I walked out of this expansive and expensive looking exhibition with a big smile on my face. Filling up one of Zwirner's empire of his galleries the best part of this fun house show are the 3 dizzying installations that make use of flashing lights, shallow pools of water, lots of mirrors and inflatable polka dot covered forms. Small doors. I usually don't like going into rooms with small doors, but I got a glimpse of what awaited me if I dared to enter, and I couldn't resist. The one called Infinity Mirrored Room, The Souls of Millions Of Light Years Away is the one with all those lights, and only one person or two at the most can go in. I found myself standing alone on a small platform surrounded by large pool of water and all these lights flashing on and off, and it was really spectacular but also a little freaky and disorienting. There I was floating in this blasting room of lights, so of course I immediately started to take photos. Finally the door was opened by a nice young man, and I immediately wanted to get back on the ride for another spin. It was sort of like Disneyland. Instead I went into the next installation this one also had mirrors and all these funny looking inflatable polka dot forms hanging from the ceiling and coming up from the floor. This one was also very effective if you like to have your sense of space and perspective thrown helter skelter. I had trouble finding the door to move on to the final installation, which was my least favorite. Here was the artist in her bright red wig projected many times with the help of mirrors singing a song a little bit of overkill if you ask me. There were also galleries with 27 big paintings that were brightly colored, sweetly obsessive and pretty but were a little too easy and happy meal for me to really love. I prefer my madness a little darker. Still this was a delightful show, and you gotta love this 84 year old artist who is still going strong with bright and shinning art but be warned if you are planning on seeing this show on the weekend, lots of luck as the lines to get into the installations I was told are huge.


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