Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Spectacular! Spectacular! The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From The Sidewalk to the Catwalk. The Brooklyn Museum.


This is a marvelous side splitting eye popping sometimes Androgynous extravaganza that literally moves shakes, rattles and rolls. I admit I'm not much of a fashion person, but I can certainly admire a great dress or someone who knows fashion and knows how to dress, unfortunately this fashion sense usually takes lots of money to pull off, and when it comes to flash and expense this show has it all, and not only in the astounding clothes (I even hesitant to call them this) as they are really more like costumes which figures since Gaultier has designed for many films and pop divas most notably for Madonna. The exhibition is big, rowdy and gorgeous and looks like it cost a zillion dollars to mount and in fact it got lots of monetary support from Lexus, The Wall Street Journal and other big money pockets. There are rooms that have moving mannequins with interactive faces that are funny and creepy at the same time (the one of the designer even speaks with his French accent included) and at times the show takes on a circus or bordello like ambiance depending I guess on where one is coming from or going, and I can't recall a show where it is equally as much fun to watch the viewers as what is on view. Fashionistas galore. The fashions themselves are fabu, simply wonderful, full of rich details, fabrics, textures, elaborate designs, beadwork, glitter glamor and a very vivid imagination as to what a dress can be. Sure some of it is over the top and gimmicky and how the hell can anyone actually wear some of them, they look so uncomfortable and even silly, (the ones inspired by Rabbis are a bit too much), but all in all I laughed, I didn't cry but I had a wonderful time. This is one wild ride that I highly recommend, however be prepared for crowds, the rest of this great museum is largely empty and forgotten by the patrons so you can always take a breather and visit some of the other galleries. It will be on view until the end of February so there's plenty of time, and be warned that they are charging $15.00 to view it, but I saw it for free thanks to one of my students lending me his membership card. I don't think the pay what you want will work with this show. One of the best exhibitions of the year.


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