Saturday, November 09, 2013

This was a big mistake

So I took myself up to the Jewish Museum mainly to see the Art Spiegelman show and I thought also to view the Chagall exhibition.
It was a free day at the museum, money can not be handled on the sabath, feh, so when I got there I was greeted by a huge line going around the block. I decided to go anyway since I came in from Brooklyn which in itself is a test of endurance especially on a saturday. 20 or so minutes later I finally got in and wanted immediately to get the fuck out of there. I did manage to see the Spiegelman which is a terrific exhibit, but I could bare only 10 minutes in the Chagall. I have never been so miserable and uncomfortable at an exhibition in my life. The galleries are small to begin with and the crowds were just impossible. I have gone up there before on free saturdays and it wasn't like this, in fact it was empty, probably had to do with the exhibit. This was too bad because the few paintings I could see looked very pretty and charming. I can't look at art this way.


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