Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Breakers 2013

A modestly made film with some of the most repulsive young women you will ever see in a contemporary movie.  The plot is simple and small.  4 young pretty college girls want to go on a spring break holiday, but they don’t have enough money, so three of them who would be right at home playing the witches in Macbeth steal a teacher’s car and with fake plastic guns and those scary ski masks storm off into the night to rob a fast food joint and with the stolen loot they are soon off to St. Petersburg where the boys are. As I said 3 of these bimbos (and that’s what they are) are nasty pieces of work, while the 4th one, aptly named Faith is the only decent girl in the group. Faith who is also the only non-blonde is played by Selena Gomez, who although she goes along for the ride has doubts, conflicts and confusion because of her religious beliefs and her basic decency. That she would even go along with these 3 is one of the movie’s plot flaws, regardless of peer pressure.   While the film is sexual, (it hovers over everything) there is actually very little of it in the film, and most of it when it happens is girl on girl action. There is also a scene where James Franco has forced oral sex with the barrel of a gun.  The kids are more into drugs, drinking and violence, which comes and goes in various degrees of nastiness and absurdness. The most fun part of the film for me is when the four of them wind up in jail dressed only in their well worn bikinis and are bailed out and rescued  (if that’s the right word for it) by a low life rapper, gangster and drug dealer by the name of Alien played with robust off the wall charm and dread by James Franco who is decked out in tattoos grillz and long cornrows, he’s like a long lost relative of the pimp played by Harvey Keitel in Taxi Driver, the wolf in this very grim fairytale.  The director/writer Harmony Korine has a good eye and with his excellent cinematographer Benoit Debie fills the screen in bright crayon box colors of withering male and female bodies, crowded beaches, pools and destroyed hotel rooms crowded with drunken young men and women being totally disgusting and repulsive. Now I know that this behavior is nothing new and I’m really in no position to be judgmental as I recall a rip- roaring few days that I had when I was in college at the now gone Concord Hotel in the Catskills. The film ends with an explosive burst of far-fetched violence and believe or not most of the cast might live happily ever after or somewhat close to it.  Or maybe not.


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