Sunday, March 24, 2013

some more shows

I forgot to mention that also at DC Moore is a small but beautiful show of Milton Avery.
oh yes I also saw the Helen Frankenthaler show at Gagosian and yes it is gorgeous and happy to say that it gave me a new perspective on her work. I still don't like her as a person (her politics stunk) but the scale and colors carried me. Also Thorton Willis at Elizabeth Harris shows large simple shaped abstract colorful paintings, that are bold and bracing and Andrew Masullo one of the darlings of the art world has a smart and colorful show on at Mary Boone of his small scale happy meal paintings. I do like these, not all but many of them. Also saw the large retrospective like show of Faith Ringgold at ACA, I really like her paintings on fabric. And Mark Dion at Tanya Bonakdar has a big show of sculptural displays of natural history things and organic materials that hit me as being very literary somethng like a Steven Millhauser novel. Accumulation art is dragging me down. His drawings, photos, prints upstairs are lacking. They really have no appeal for me, and look like the usual smart ass drawings that cover the walls in many of the galleries in Chelsea. His work is also reminiscence of some of the graphic novel artists and illustrators, but still the show has charm and I can see his stuff appealing to a lot of people, I'm just not one of them


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