Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2012

A 1000 pound piece of  rancid Chicken Tikka.  A cliché ridden feel good light comedy about a group of middle age and elderly Brits who because of various life changes and bad luck  move to  India to start a new life and wind up at a flea bitten cockroach infested falling down Hotel. Now of course they thought they were going to  stay at a fancy 4 star place and instead they get this dump run by a inept but somewhat charming Indian youth whose dad died and left the place to him. He’s played by Dev Patel and for me his charm  and cuteness wore off after about 10 minutes. The Elderly Brits are played by Judi Dench Bill Nighy Penelope Wilton as his unhappy and bitchy wife, a nasty and racist wheel chair bound Maggie Smith (she came along for the ride so she could get a cheap hip replacement and most likely another Oscar nomination and Tom Wilkerson as a gay man trying to find the love of his life who he met as a youth growing up in India. The film is colorful but predictable, tired and mundane with chuckles spread about here and there about heat and dust, food poisoning, sex, traffic nightmares, slums and miserable accommodations along with farfetched coincidences.  But don’t worry everything works out fine for all (except for the gay man of course) and all the heterosexuals live happily ever after. I don’t know why I was expecting something fun and decent since this dreck is from the director who gave us Shakespeare in Love. Easily one of the ten worst films of 2012


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