Saturday, October 20, 2012

Argo 2012

l saw it today on the very big screen at the BAM and its a good edgy smooth political thriller with a not so good feel good ending. I enjoyed it, if thats the right word, very stressful and suspenseful, the film points out briefly the crimes of the shah, but thats not the business of this movie so if you're looking for a political tract on the poor Iranians don't go knocking on this door. Will do well at the awards at least with regards to nominations but I don't know yet if its heading for a best picture Oscar,depends on what else is out there, but it is typical Oscar fare, and they do like comebacks a la Affleck who was according to most Hollywood pundits washed up, he can easily wind up with three Oscar nominations for directing, producing and actor. John Goodman and Alan Arkin as Hollywood players are top notch and break the sometimes unbearable tension with their comedic shtick on the ways of la la land, wish there was more of them. The whole cast is fine with mostly unknowns in the supporting roles. It moves fast and furious and documents the period with great but unobtrusive details and also mimics the style and feel of 1970's filmmaking. It should be seen on a big screen.


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