Monday, June 29, 2009

The Things We Keep

Teen Reviewers. Vol. 8. No. 7 March 1961
“Teen Reviewers is published by the Young Teens division Of the Brooklyn Public Library

You might say that at age 14 this was my first appearance in print. I have a vague memory of handing this in to our local librarian, and I must have been pleased as a bucket l full of Hawaiian Punch when they published it. Most likely I was interested in the book because of the 1959 Hollywood B movie that starred Vincent Price and Agnes Moorehead and I either thought the movie was a piece of crap and had to go to the source for the real meat of it or I loved it and had to have more of the same. The paperback is the one that I read and still have and I’m delighted to have shared the page with Ms. Denise Murphy where ever she may be.


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