Sunday, April 15, 2007

New Pig Collages

Had trouble getting the blog back on line. Google made it difficult, and I spent many hours trying to find help. Forget about it. I finally stumbled into the right password or right sign in field and here I am back in business. Anyway what I was trying to do all day was post these newest of my pig collages. I'm really enjoying doing these, but I'm running out of collage material on this particular theme, so will have to find some new material. The material must be cheap and wonderful. Like finding a $1.00 book on the anatomy of a pig was really great. Maybe I can find a book on the anatomy of a cow or bird for cheap. I gave Anton a paint set last year for Christmas, but he has not opened it, and I asked for it back, because I don't want the paints to dry. Every Christmas I buy Anton something "creative" but he never uses the paints or clay or kits for making prints from using just the sun and they go to waste. The expensive color pencil set sits unopened. Anton should take an art class but he won't.


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