Tuesday, March 27, 2007

That And This

Today was the really first warm day of the season, and when I got home from man hat tan the steam heat was going strong in my apartment. What’s going on. Has global warming affected my radiators, do they not know that its fucking warm outside. It’s like a steam room here, and I hate the warm weather anyway, so this is really unbearable. The warm weather brings out the worse in me; I get irritable and nasty. I’m a cold weather sort of guy, love the chill in the air, and the frost on my nose. Its been an irritable time for me anyway, computer problems, money problems, you name the problem and I have it. Turning 60 does not help things, and last night out of the blue a once best friend of mine from when we were 17 years old called me. He had found me of course on the net, and saw my blog. I have no secrets anymore. Ok maybe I still have a few, but Jim calling me up really threw me for a loop. Not a bad loop Jim if you’re reading this blog, but hearing his voice brought back so many memories. I haven’t seen him in I guess at least 30 years or more, think the last time I saw him was one day on the street. We met when we were going to a local junior crap college studying commercial art, and for the first year we didn’t really connect, but one day at the end of our first year we got talking on the bus and suddenly I had a new friend. For awhile after graduation we even wound up working in the mat room at the same big Fifth Avenue ad agency. I got the job through Jim. I left the field to become an artist and Jim stayed in the game. I think he made the right decision. After all these years as an artist I have nothing really to show for it except a lot of art that no one wants or gives a shit about. Ok you’re probably thinking I’m feeling sorry for myself, well so what. In any case I should stop for now before I get all misty and teary eyed. These images are my new collages made from a book I found on pig anatomy.


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