Wednesday, April 04, 2007

New Pig Collages

Someone named Tantra sent me this email, and for you dear stupid Tantra I post 3 more unprofessional unsmoothed not intergrated childlike collages. Enjoy.

hi, there,

Ira the art we use is specifically created by our artists to illustrate the literary works, using images, characters, mood, concepts from them to bring out their essence. if you'd like to submit illustrations for some of our accepted works, we may have a slot in this upcoming issue, with the deadline june 1. like your work, particularly the visceral quality of the first one, though there is a kind of "childlike" quality to the way the collages are cut and pasted that is not quite the professional look i would prefer. i'd like to see the edges smoothed and more integrated, not as obvious. if you can integrate the parts of the collage in a sophisticated way, i would be interested in seeing submissions for illustration of the works, if you are open to that.


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