Saturday, October 13, 2018

Fausto Melotti. The Deserted City. Hauser & Wirth

fuck shit piss I pulled a muscle in my leg today. Its probably the damn new sneakers and probably because of all the walking I did in Chelsea yesterday taking in too many exhibitions. However this one is worth pulled muscles. I never heard of this artist the late Fausto Melotti, and I tell you I was knocked out by his work which goes from the 50's to the early 80's and is for now the best gallery exhibition of 2018. The exhibition is ravishing and spectacularly installed as only this blue blue chip place can do, but its the work that is the most impressive. The piece that is getting the most attention is the eye opening large "The Seven Sages" which are 7 mannequins made of white plaster who hover over the exhibition. I also loved his imaginative free standing "towers" made of brass and his small painted teracotta glazed ceramics tableaus set in niches throughout the gallery and his small mixed media pieces. Also something great is the large wall full of his glazed ceramic pieces. This great exhibition is only on to October 27th so you better make a move but don't pull any muscles.


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