Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Rape Of Recy Taylor 2017

I had heard of this doc. and was planning on eventually seeing it. So there it was on the shelf of my wonderful Bay Ridge library and I grabbed it. Saw it last night and of course I was moved and upset by it, but I urge everyone to see it, even though it hurts to see it. Its amazing that what we have been going through of late how this sad story fits right in. It's not only about the horror that African Americans have suffered and especially African American women but also what sexual assault victims have been living with. It hits home. The story is painful and if you think justice was served you should know better, since this is the United States of Donald Trump, even back in the 40's and 50's this place was stinking with a stench that is still with us today in the white house, the senate and the supreme court. Rape is such an ugly word and is used in the title no doubt on purpose to hit us in the face. Attacked and raped by 6 white boys Recy had no recourse to justice even though she had the support of the NAACP who had as one of its investigators Rosa Parks who fought valiantly for Recy and also suffered for her attempts at justice. This is a heartbreaking and wrenching story and film.


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