Saturday, April 14, 2018

Raw Nerve Leon Golub at the Met Breuer

Saw this riveting and searing retro like show of Leon Golub at the Met Breuer and please get up there or down there before it closes sometime in May. I was friends and acquaintances of both Leon and his equally talented and political wife Nancy Spero so I'm pleased that Leon is getting his due even though this strong couple are no longer with us. They were very gentle folks and yet their art were a bodies of strong political angry work. They were figurative when it was not fashionable or welcomed to be this kind of an artist, and what one should take note of here is not only his political and liberal feelings (I could only imagine what they would think of this monster sitting in the oval office) but Leon's marvelous skills as a painter and this is what took me in this time. He was also a sensual painter and a great colorist and his works hung loose without the constraints of stretched and framed canvases. He was also a wonderful draftsman and printmaker with some of his prints also on view here. The show should have been bigger, he could have easily filled up another floor, instead of them giving up two large galleries to the body show, which quite frankly got me nauseated so much so that I could only take in one floor. Maybe I was not feeling so great, the sudden heat, the subway, my leg which by the way is much better thanks to PT, the bright lights, and my arguing with the guard at the door over my having some cranberry juice (he acted like I had a gallon of the stuff with me, instead of one half filled bottle) with me that he did not want me to bring in. Finally after I told him I was going to check it, I needed it because of getting dizzy from my heart condition (I really poured it on) he relented and let me check it. So don't bring juice,but see this show.


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