Friday, October 20, 2017

not really in the mood

  • Not really in the mood for review writing today but would like to mention 3 shows that are worth your time.

    Ruth Asawa at David Zwirner. This is closing tomorrow so hurry up because this is a gorgeous group of Asawa's wire sculptures that are rarely shown. Hanging from the ceiling these are delicate wire meshed pieces that are also tough as nails. Another hidden artist who is finally getting her due after her death.

    Joyce Kozloff at D.C Moore Imaginative and autobiographical large mixed works mixing painting, drawing and collage with the main images being imaginary maps. Here Kozloff attaches many small examples of her childhood drawings that really are terrific little things in themselves. We all love maps, they bring us to lands unknown, and these are lands of our childhood. Colorful and intricate you can get lost in these beauties for hours, and will recall your childhood as well. For me they brought back memories of school displays and my beloved bulletin board that hung in my bedroom. Also on view are a nice series of drawings of maps very busy and dizzy with images of battles and war that incorporate tiny drawn images by her son when he was young of superheroes and other figures of a boy's childhood. This is a family act rich with delight and surprises.

    Art Povera. Hauser & Wirth. This is a 3 floor extravaganza of art by the Italian late 20th century art movement that is full of exciting pieces by an all male chorus. Where are the women? Certainly they could included Marisa Merz who just had a big show at the Met Breuer. Still it's a big visual slam dunk with terrific pieces by Mario Merz, Jannis Kounellis and many others who took unconventional materials and made some exciting work.

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