Friday, December 23, 2016


Just got notice of this nice gig. The new year is beginning with a good start lets hope it continues. I have a lot of experience working with seniors which is why I probably got the gig. Also doing a 5 week workshop at the uft so a lot of teaching.

Brooklyn Arts Council is pleased to notify you of your selection as a 2017 SU-CASA artist-in-residence.

SU-CASA awards are single-year awards made to individual artists in order to provide arts programs for older adults in senior centers throughout New York City. The awards were recommended by a panel consisting of representatives from Department for the Aging, Department of Cultural Affairs, the greater creative aging field, and the Brooklyn Arts Council.

each SU-CASA award is $4,500, and is awarded to one individual artist for work with one specific senior center, for a minimum of 60 contact hours. Each artist will also receive a materials budget of $1,000 and access to Materials for the Arts.


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