Friday, December 16, 2016

La La Land 2016

La La Land 2016

So just how good is La La? Well it’s pretty damn good but sadly not great. The movie is fun for sure and it looks great, bright colors, lots of neon flashing in the L.A. night time, palm trees, fake everything and a fairy tale story of a young man and young woman meeting cute just like Fred & Ginger, Mickey & Judy and Gene & everyone use to do back in the golden olden days when Hollywood was still Hollywood and much of the joy and pleasure that Americans got was through the movies. A big part of the problem with the movie is that the musical numbers don’t soar, they didn’t get my adrenaline pumping and the director kept them too short thus cutting off our possible pleasure. But hell there are some lovely moments here, and there and beautiful scenes abound. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are easy on the eyes even if their singing and dancing leave much to be desired, these two are real movie stars. The director Damien Chazelle knows his stuff and references abound left and right to the great musicals of the past with more than a passing fancy to Jacques Demy, (the film got me so hungry for the real thing that I pulled my copy of “The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg” from my shelf for possible viewing later tonight). I wouldn’t be surprised if it sweeps the Oscars winning Best Picture and Best Actress along with several of the music and craft awards. This is a good choice for Christmas viewing (the early scenes actually take place during holiday) so deck the halls with Ryan and Emma.


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