Thursday, March 06, 2014

The Best of Everything. 1959

High pitched girlie movie from the mid century with great clothes and decor. The cast is mixed with oldies (Joan Crawford) never more scary Brian Aherne as a dirty old man who would be brought up on sexual harassment charges today, and Louis Jourdan as a piece of shit theatre director, along with some hot young stars of the day, Hope Lange, Diane Baker, Suzy Parker (beautiful but an embarrassment in the acting dept, and a young Robert Evans before he left acting doing us all a big favor, and the most beautiful of them all Stephen Boyd who Raquel Welch recently outed and who died way too young. You could have fallen into his cleft chin. Set in the publishing world of a lost New York City the film is about conflicted young women who make all the wrong choices when it comes to men, and who would rather be married with children then have a career. Lange who wants a career but also wants the wedding ring hits bottom when her finance leaves her for a rich girl, and Hope boo hoos but quickly picks herself up and starts all over again, grabbing Crawford's job and letting herself go all over Stephen Boyd. Directed by Jean Negulesco who was no stranger when it came to directing girlie movies ie Three Coins In The Fountain, with nice deep saturated colors and cinemascope, not to mention Johnny Mathis singing the oscar nominated title song. Oh and did I mention how beautiful Stephen Boyd was?


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