Friday, February 28, 2014

Italian Futurism. 1909-1944. Reconstructing The Universe The Guggenheim Museum

I saw this extraordinary exhibition today, and I doubt if you will see a more beautiful show this year. It fills the whole museum and although I knew many of the artists there were a few new discoveries for me, notably Fortunato Depero who not only did paintings but also toys, stage sets, costumes, ads and much more. All the famous artists are here also including Balla, Marinetti and Severini but I was very impressed by the lesser known artists. These guys were full of contradictions and some of their beliefs were and still are difficult to deal with including misogyny,(yet they included women in their group) a love of war and their attraction to Italian fascism which is also covered in the exhibition. They also loved machines, speed, movement, the city and the future and boy what art. There are magnificent paintings, drawings, books, furniture, sculptures and more, in fact I could not find one work that I didn't like. Its wonderfully installed and will be at the Gugg until Sept 1, so there is lots of time to see it.


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