Monday, February 17, 2014

Judy Rifka. Trestle Projects. Feb. 14th-March 22nd. Brooklyn.

I took in the beautiful and fine show of large black, white and gray collages by Judy Rifka today. These are huge, tactile and stunning and loomed over me in their winter grayness but have much joy and exuberance to them. They are hung on the walls without glass or frames to protect them and I was able to run my hands over their very rough vulnerable and textured surfaces (these pieces are almost tapestries) and the upper walls have instances and spots of graffiti by Victor Ving whose "signature" Rifka found on the roof of her apartment building in Chinatown while working outdoors on some of the smaller works that are also shown here in her workspace and is a generous gesture on her part, but then again these are generous works in themselves. You should try to see this show


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