Friday, February 14, 2014

House Of Cards. Season 1

See this one, I don't know how season 2 will turn out good or bad, but the first season which I just finished on dvd curled my toes, and made me worry for our country. Set in a present day Washington D.C. the series is full of sharks, jackals, and snakes in other words, the kind of people who run our government. The series is based on the British show, and has been produced by Kevin Spacey who stars and David Fincher who also directed some of the episodes and has his slow, detailed fingerprints all over the place. It plays like one of those good paranoia political thrillers from the 70's you know the ones where no one could be trusted. The major role is played by Kevin Spacey who is the Democratic Majority Whip of the house, a brilliant move to make him a Democrat and not an easy to hate Republican. In fact all the major players are Democrats. Spacey is by the way brilliant, although he could have used a better toupee, and he is matched all the way by his Lady Macbeth, his wife played by Robin Wright who has finally come into her own and is also brilliant. The series is greatly helped by a terrific supporting cast of unknown (to me anyway actors) which helps convince us that these are fleshed out and bloodied characters, You won't find John Goodman or Melissa Leo as wonderful as they are lurking in these halls of congress. The story can get quite convoluted and twisty, and it is dark, pessimistic and totally engrossing, you won't see anything better on t.v. this year. 


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