Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dante Ferretti: Design and Construction for the Cinema at The Museum Of Modern Art

Saw this show today (sunday) and its pretty much a big so what. Now I'm not saying that Ferretti is not a terrific designer for the movies, its just that this show really doesn't make the case of why he is a major art director. The show is scattered among the two theatre lobbies with some large pieces plopped around the museum and out in the garden. The show is made up of mostly drawings done in charcoal and pastel of his conceptions for sets, they are pretty dull little things, but as drawings they don't excite. There are also a few (way too few models) and most of the show consists of these annoying screens all over the place that show scenes from some of the movies he worked on. I kept bumping into them and they got me dizzy, and again really didn't tell me why he's an important designer, I mean close-ups of Leonardo Di Caprio are nice if you like him, but so what? And whats with that flying electric fan (at least that's what it looked like to me) flying overhead in that ghastly atrium, some more of the moment crap courtesy of the Moma or was it part of the Ferretti show something from Hugo maybe. I did see two more shows and I also took in a movie, 10 Rillington Place which might be the grimmest movie in the history of cinema. To be continued (maybe)


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