Saturday, September 21, 2013

Interwoven Globe: The Worldwide Textile Trade, 1500–1800. The Metropolitan Museum.

Spectacular. Spectacular. I saw this take your breath away show the other day, and its a real beauty of a show, the way only the Met can do when they hit their mark. Its also a bit overwhelming its a big show not only in the amount of work shown but the scale of most of the textiles shown. Beautifully installed, although a bit dark in its lighting for my tastes the works hover over us. I think my favorite ones were the Indian pieces, but every gallery has great works. I also loved the upholstered chairs that were commissioned by Louis XVI and whose imagery was a tribute to his monarchy, Lou never got to put his rump on the chairs as he was gone before the chairs could make their way to Versailles. Hanging over all this beauty are the vast political and cultural history of the times, most of which is not very pretty or inspiring but is part of the show. There are also paintings, prints, a few books, and some beautiful clothes scattered among the amazing textiles. I suggest that you get up there asap as its going to be a very popular ticket. It was somewhat crowded when I was there, but it will no doubt get even more densely populated as the holidays approach. Its on until Jan. 5 2014. 


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